Fabio Smolari

Graduated in Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Venice, he started learning martial arts at the age of ten years.
In 1987 in Peking he begun to study Qigong (Ma Litang's six healing sounds), in 1990 he learnt the "49 dynamic meridian exercises " of Daoyin yangshenggong.
In the meanwhile he devoted himself fulltime to Chinese martial arts studying and training, especially taijiquan, embarking also on competition with brilliant results:

- five times Italy champion
- Europe silver medalist (1994)
- Europe gold medalist (1996)
- 6th place at World Championship (1995)

Since 1992 to 1993 he's again in Peking to deepen wushu and study Daoyin yangshenggong directly under its creator.
In April 1993, on personal invitation from professor Zhang Guangde, he took place in the 1° International Daoyin Yangshenggong Tournament reaching the 1st place ex-equo in individual event and the 4th place in team event.
At the end of one year study, Beijing University of Physical Education granted him with a Qualification Certificate in Qigong.
Back in Italy he devoted himself to the teaching (Ferrara, Bologna, Firenze, Parma, Trieste, Berlin). He organised seminars and conferences on Chinese Traditional Culture and Body Techniques (Ferrara 1992, Vicenza 1994, Milano 1994, Roma 1995, Bologna 1996, Pavia 1997, Firenze 1999-2000). He cooperate with magazines and international institutions to historical and technical researches on oriental disciplines (Le Poing e la Plume - France; T'ai Chi - Great Britain; The Journal of Asian Martial Arts - USA, etc).
Since 1995 he studied Traditional Chen style Taijiquan with Francesco Fedeli and his teacher master CHEN Xiaowang, 19the standing bearer of Chenjiagou's Chen family.
In October 1997 he took part in Paris to the foundation of European Daoyin Yangshenggong Federation and he was there appointed to President of EDYF - Italy.

Fabio Smolari
e-mail: info@daoyin.it